Innovative Lithuanian ideas for foreign countries


Innovation is an integral part of each country‘s competitiveness, economical growth and progress, and people, creating and implementing innovative ideas, are invaluable assets.

The ideas fairs in Paris and Brussels show that Lithuania have people, who think creatively and can develop perspective ideas. The thirteen ideas were presented in the ideas fairs „Innovative people without borders“.

The Ideas fairs – valuable experience

Rimantas Varanauskas, director of “Polygon of Innovations““, one of the ideas fairs’ organizers, said, that the ideas fairs provide valuable experience. “Our partners’ efforts, firstly, MEP Zigmantas Balčytis Office, lead to success of these ideas fairs. We can mention a few important aspects, one of them is reflected in project’s title – „Innovative people without borders“. Walls are unnecessary to share innovations. It is obvious, that we have intellectual capital, original ideas and innovative projects. Unfortunately, the opportunities to disseminate ideas and implement them in a favourable environment and a broad European Union (and beyond) markets are not used in Lithuania”, – Rimantas Varanauskas said.

Rimantas pointed out, that it is not entirely correct to identify innovation only with researchers (by no means underestimating the importance of their works and contribution), high technologies or scientific laboratories, because innovation and the field of ideas generation and implementation are wider, including daily life, social, educational and other spheres.

„The ideas fairs in Paris and Brussels show that we choose the right way. Especially, the ideas fairs were useful for young ideas authors – students, because most of them had to go out from stereotypical thinking box and to think about their ideas adoption in other cultural environment, intellectual property and other aspects“, – Rimantas Varanauskas shared the impressions of the ideas fairs.

Lithuanian ideas interested Paris and Brussels

Rimantas told, that it is not necessary to look away for ideas „pearls“. Often new and different approach to common and daily things opens new opportunities – just non-standard and original thinking is need. There are quite a lot creative people in Lithuania; also, young people are able to resist the system. Of course, we still need for improvements, to broad our outlook and see at least a European context, to seek the greater maturity of ideas and ideas transformation to business. Rimantas pointed out, that these subjects we could learn, there are professional consultants who can help, but we need to promote creativity, facilitate it and try to realize where a need and favourable environment is.

„According to the ideas fairs in Paris and Brussels visitors’ reviews, at least five of thirteen presented ideas are quite seriously interesting to them. It shows a real perspective for further collaboration and implementation of presented ideas. One aspect is interesting, that only five ideas were selected to the ideas fairs in Paris and Brussels of sixty ideas presented in young scientists annual exhibition – competition „KTU Technorama 2011“, – Rimantas Varanauskas said.

Ideas can be implemented

„Good ideas are valuable, they just need to find suitable niches. Unfortunately, there is not appropriate institutional and human understanding and financial mechanisms for the implementation of ideas in Lithuania. In many European countries are favourable conditions for implementation of innovations, there are lower level of corruption and different opportunities to start business. However, it is not necessary to emigrate or to sell your ideas cheaply if you want to use European opportunities for ideas implementation“, Rimantas Varanauskas said.

Rimantas pointed out, that only few major things are needed – to know European mechanisms, each country’s business specification, cultural and linguistic aspects and to find partners and investors who are interested in concrete ideas. The ideas fairs „Innovative people without borders“ are oriented to this purpose. Rimantas also highlights the importance of ideas – they must be concrete, original, oriented to results and benefits.

Perspectives of the ideas fairs

The Lithuanian Embassies in Paris and Brussels gave significant contribution for the first ideas fairs. They provided substantial assistance in dealing with organizational issues, providing space for events and ensuring proper dissemination of information.

„We sincerely thank for the Lithuanian Embassies in Paris and Brussels and we hope our country’s diplomatic embassies support in the future“, – Rimantas Varanauskas said.

Rimantas also told, that is needed a more targeted approach preparing ideas for representation in specific countries, inviting participants not only by general needs (business angels, venture capital, etc…), but also according by each idea specific needs (investments, partnerships, consultations).

„We plan to expand a business partners and friends in Lithuania and foreign countries, so we invite to join to the ideas fairs academic, business, public institutions, NGOs and individual ideas’ authors. Who knows, maybe in the future Lithuania will become famous as ideas and innovation generator leader.  We welcome all creative people and their ideas, and new ideas fairs „Innovative people without borders“ partners“, – Rimantas Varanauskas called to join to the project.

In the future the ideas fairs can be organised in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark, even in the United States, Canada and China.

All innovative, creative, interesting and original ideas, which can be adopted in concrete countries, after simple selection, can find their place in innovative ideas website And then – ideas can be heard not only in Lithuania but also in the whole world!


Renata Vaicekauskaitė

Knowledge economy forum Communication manager


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