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The fact is, that most mechanisms for support and development of “Young Innovative Companies” are dedicated to the young generation. It’s great.

But also there is a definite fact, that process of aging of EU and the most developed countries, such as Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands   etc., is a big challenge now, and undoubtedly will  grow up in the future. Parallely to this, extremely fast development of technology and innovation, dynamic economic and social  changes  could  cause as positive movement, as well various instabilities and requires a sufficiently rapid adaptation of citizens as in those countries, as well across the EU.

Unfortunately, 50+ group citizens often are out of attention zone of active economic life, and wrongly written off‘ as a viable.


ABOUT THE 50+III idea.

It should be quite simple  and innovative  model, kind of „Startups for 50+“, which would allow to grow up  both receptivities and capacities  of innovation of this target group.


Citizens above 50 have a huge potentiality, which often is not  used. As a result, they personally and society are loosing too much, instead of possibility relatively easily obtain different benefits – employment, good mood, profit, new knowledge and be in one line with a “today” or even above it, and this is the goal of 50+III idea.

The population is ageing – the proportion of people 50+ in EU was more than 30% in 2010 and is expected to be approx. 37% by 2030 (Policy Brief on Senior Entrepreneurship/EC). Manual for Innovative SMEs by Gender and Age in the Baltic Sea Region shows that 77% respondents agreed that BSR is still not prepared for the economic consequences of population ageing. The similar numbes are all around EU.

As soon as people turn 50, they are the first to be fired and the last to be hired.

National policies want people to stay longer on the Labour Market, but even public organizations fire and don’t hire people above 50.


People above 50 have huge resources, social capital, variuos knowledge, valuable experiences and skills.

If they have the chance to launch sustainable businesses, they become self-supporting tax-payers and very often stay active in business far beyond the seventies.

If they would have sustainable business, realizing their dreams with satisfaction and happiness, they stay healthy, reducing the welfare costs considerable, and contribute to a healthier, sustainable development of each country, each local community.

Unfortunately, in spite of a huge potentiality of elderly people, business incubating as well Startups processes are mostly oriented to the younger generation.


Undoubtedly, every successful business starts from the brilliant idea, but the problem is to catch the right one. The fact is that 50+ are not less creative than youngsters, and are able to combine deep insights with their experience, patience, time resources.

It could be a key factors for the 50+ Startups success, also extremely useful for already running business. Many companies are searching of effective ways to generate valuable ideas and finding of better alternatives to traditional R&D models.  50+ crowd sourcing  field is still unused, but a great possibility.

If take a look to a different EU regions, situation with a selected target group is problematic and important, but uneven. There are some differences with 50+ unemployment due to historical, economic and cultural reasons. Anyway, extremely fast development of technologies and innovations has a common impacts both trends, and for elderly people is not easy to follow a progress. Encouraging of 50+ receptivity to innovations is among tasks of 50+III project.


So, it seems now should be a good time for „The New Face of Startups Is A Senior Citizen“ in your community. Take a look and compare your situation in this field with http://smallbiztrends.com/2010/05/the-new-face-of-startups-is-a-senior-citizen.html. It shows there are some good examples around and we should use experience for 50+ population.


Just one remark – the model of such a startups for 50+ should be quite different from  existing now ‚usual‘  type.


With 50+III project we will try  to fill above mentioned gaps by promoting social entrepreneurship and self-employment  of 50+ and encouraging their receptivity to innovations:

50+III will make the innovation process more open, simple  and closer to society and especially for 50+ target group;

• will open  the „back door“ for innovative ideas from anf for „ordinary people“;

• will strengthening relations between different social groups, as well different organizations in your community;

• will invite the business as well NGO and municipal structures to the new alive approach to the crowd sourcing;

• will create database of 50+ crowd sourcing pearls for generating business as well social ideas.


50+III project will also enable faster entering of fresh both valuable ideas to your environment. Additionally dedicated mechanism for attracting investment in joint realization of selected ideas would be worked out.

For the moment are already prepared frame of the model and few practical solutions, with aim  to invite to join wide range of NGO‘s as well elderly individuals from local communities.


So, if you would find this project interesting, we are open and ready to  cooperate implementing 50+III in your community, region or/and country. 

Let’s create the future and make significant changes together,  despite  the age, nationality and borders  








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