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The essence of the GFE project – to lift the mood and evoke positive emotions to the passengers who feel the fear to fly, as well as give them interesting both pithy and funny activity, while waiting for a flight.

We offer a very simple but effective solution to organize  such activities in airport departure/gates areas using already existing infrastructure and establish a small, cozy “good feelings” places.

Creating a cheerful mood for passengers  we will strenghten a positive image of airport as well airilines /project partners. Such activities also should be particularly relevant during a flight  delays or postponements.

If you find this idea captivating, we would be ready to organize a joyful, immersive, relaxing and “live” attractive games and other simple activities for all age groups as well different  nationalities  of passengers in your airport.

We intend to carry out the  project as a social, the public needs-driven innovation with a real added value and commercial benefits first of all for the airport.

It’s  very easy to invite us  to organize GFE service in your airport, do not hesitate and do it right now :)   

Good Flight Emotions in short                  


Waiting for your call or email and hope a mutually beneficial cooperation!

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