Crowd Innovation? Nothing especialy new, but  if it is done in some supermarket and  everyone can touch this, it drives!

One of the key factors in a competitive environment for a business success is adaptation and usage of creativity and innovation. However, extremely fast development of technology and innovation, as well social changes causes the growing business demand for searching of effective ways to generate new ideas, finding of better alternatives to traditional R&D models. And many companies turn their attention to crowdsourcing  tools.

In fact, IDEA DRIFTING project would be as a such tool.

IDEA DRIFTING project‘s aim is to involve citizens of any city to take part in the innovation creation process,  together finding, sharing and implementing different beneficial ideas. The entertaining game-competition with a simple rules will be provided with aim to get and show interesting as well beneficial ideas from wide society groups, especially elderly people.

The content of the IDEA DRIFTING ‘field of ideas’ would be formed on two ways. “Free Zone”, when content is up to choose by each idea supplier, and “Outsourcing Ideas”, when content is formed by customer request, e.g. Municipality, community or/and business company. This model should let to announce the most important for ‘clients’ problems, and IDEA DRIFTING participants would propose ideas for solving it.

IDEA DRIFTING would be much more interesting as well effective, if implemented in various countries. Furthermore, we suggest select and realize “reflecting” (identical) projects at the same time in a few municipalities. Such a way would let also compare effectiveness of municipal, public and business structures incubating of beneficial ideas, to test a readiness of selected main target group (50+) participate in entrepreneurial process as well encourage them to take part in it. The key factor of IDEA DRIFTING will be exchanging of good practice and growing capacity of every project partner both participants.

Seeking outcomes: making the innovation process more open, simple  and closer to society, opening the „back door“ for innovative ideas from „ordinary people“ and encouraging their innovation receptivity; strenghtening relations between different social groups when collaborating on IDEA DRIFTING project; inviting the business as well municipal structures to the new alive approach to the crowd sourcing.

The key elements of the typical cycle of the project could be like this:

  • Selection of problematic questions to solve from business as well municipal/community structures
  • Public placing to the crowd: captivating “napkins-tray” idea forms in the catering facilities, trains etc
  • The same idea forms posting in the project website
  • Gathering, evaluation, public reviews in the market centres and ‘liking’
  • Forming of small themic idea teams and 1-3 weeks “creative relax ” for purification
  • “Mirror” effect – realization of the brilliant ideas simultaneously in different countries

Together with our partners – Jurbarkas Tourism and Business Center (Jurbarkas Region Municipality, Lithuania) we  invite interested organizations from Denmark, Germany (partners from Bremen City), Sweden (partners from Dalarna County), Finland and Poland to cooperate and apply for financial support of Baltic Sea Region Programme  within priority 1 “Capacity for innovation”, specific objective 1.3 “Non-technological innovation”.

In fact, each BSR country has quite similar, but at the same time a bit different business rules, conditions, financial mechanisms etc. And during the “mirror” process of ideas implementation we could compare those similarities and differences. Without a doubt, intermediate and final results of every “mirror idea cycle” in every country might be different, or even ineffective. But the most important thing is that it will be real, innovative business doing, and we could learn our lessons from each other for growing up our capacities. And maybe compete a bit too  :)

During the 24 month period of BSR Programme project, 6-8 cycles of IDEA DRIFTING in every country would be realized. As an important part of IDEA DRIFTING process would be formation of local both international teams for simultaneously implementation of common idea. This will encourage to find the optimal way for getting particular results from proposed projects. As the main principles would be used Open Mind, Cooperation and the Common Efforts, also virtual nets and live contacts, Open Idea presentations in public areas – supermarkets, coffee-bars, restaurants etc.

Every cycle will be evaluated under the different indicators – activity of participants, number of valuable ideas as well creation of working teams, financial results/benefits etc. We expect, each cycle will grow up quantitative indicators and qualitative of the results. Furthermore, the project will help for a fast entering of every valuable idea to the BSR market, and every project partner will obtain particular benefits, according to the potentiality of selected ideas.

Without a doubt, if final results of IDEA DRIFTING would be positive (we truly believe in this), project area as well partnership would be extended.

The  part of IDEA DRIFTING project was already implemented in the three cities in Lithuania  – Šiauliai, Klaipėda and Visaginas, the photos you can see below.





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